Late Night Peninsula List [ RWC, PA, MV ]

Here’s my current list for after 10pm on the peninsula.

The rankings are subjective. “0” means we haven’t tried it. “-1” means we have a special animus against it.

Live Link:

Sorry I don’t have the patience to paste in a nice formatted list for you.

I have taken out a bunch of late night taco joints and hotel restaurants, but otherwise, would be interested in additions.

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Thanks. Good to reference this when hungry late night.

Here’s what I avoid: HK Bistro, Pho Hoa. If there is a HK food craving to be satisfied, I’d call for takeout from Cooking Papa at 930. Pho Hoa was from many years ago but I recall the pho was quite subpar.

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Fish market.
Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr