Late night at Corona Plaza [Corona, Queens]

After a wonderful evening seeing Music Man, we decided to explore Corona Plaza. We had transferred from the 7 to a bus and walked thru it without eating on an earlier evening, but this time we were going to eat.

Our first stop was for drinks: horchata and Jamaica. The latter was superb, the former a little thin. The lady who sold them to us was super nice

We ordered some tacos and while waiting, went to the next stand which had bunches of skewers and meats. I ordered a skewer of pork which they tossed on a charcoal grill to finish off. I was asked if I wanted mayo and ketchup. My inclination would have been to say no, but I have learned to say yes when exploring a different cultures’ food. I also said yet to the potato. It was wickedly good. And yes, the mayo/ketchup topping made it really decadent. But it was the potato that really rocked. Steamy soft inside and a little smokey from time on the grill. When I went back to tell them how good it was, the guy tried to sell me on some pork ribs. When I told him we were full, he shoved a piece of roasted rib in my hand gratis. So good.

The tacos were really tasty. We got two al pastor and one cecina (salted beef). They both had lots of crispy bits. They tossed on roasted onion and jalapeno. Those jalapenos were super spicy. The guy at the stand saw me munching the jalapeno say me chowing down on the pepper and called me over for a second helping.

We were then stuffed but we checked out more stands. It would take half a dozen trips to go to them all. We did have some watermelon with Tajin.

While we stuck out as not the usual customer base, everyone was not just welcoming but concerned that we enjoy our food the proper way.

Still want to try the pork in chile verse with hand made to order tortillas, the posole de Verdi and more grilled items.

Total cost for the two plates, 2 drinks and watermelon was $28.50. The fun of being there was free!

What a fun stop!