Late again: Boston, MA, June 2018. Openings and closings!

There are savory lassis, too – could it have been one of those? (It’s also possible some fish curry fell in – you’ll remember how cramped that kitchen was from having to pass it on the way to the bathroom.)

The chashu was very tasty, the egg was a little too cooked for me (I don’t like the yolk runny but it was essentially hard boiled) - I didn’t ask about the noodles (should have but it was a hectic day and I just wanted to eat).

Yes, the Opening Soon sign for Sheger Cafe has been up for ages. I have been checking it out for signs of an opening, but haven’t seen anything promising yet. (Same for the place in the former Taipei Tokyo spot in Davis Square, across from the Somerville Theatre.) I am looking forward to having Ethiopian cuisine in the area!

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it was def. supposed to be one of those, and my palate is generally accepting of a broad range of flavors. But the thing was just unsurpassingly awful. Became a running joke between me + my gf that I was going to order it again every time we went.

what is this going to be? as far as Davis goes, I’m waiting on Dakzen too in the old Palm Sugar spot–have been following their Instagram and have to say that at least the marketing of their “Thai street noodles” makes it look sorta promising.

It will be a Mongolian BBQ place if/when it opens.

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Thanks for the report, @Thimes!

I’ve tried out their Quincy location last year and thought it was serviceable but not that memorable - wondering if things have improved since then? Do they still have the weekday special of ramen + small rice bowl + a few pieces of sushi? I find those are better values than the regular menu items. As far of tonkotsu style goes, Santouka is probably the best one around. (I initially wrote down Yume wo Katare as the no-holds-barred-extremely-porky champion, but then realized that was Jiro style - not quite the same!)

Have you tried the two-pack Sun ramen in Asian grocery stores? It’s not talked about a lot here and I’m curious if people have done their comparison. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of the Boston ramen shops use Sun noodles and probably temper their broth with the soup packet too…

ah, thanks. I had missed that.

The Wellington Neighborhood Eatery in Belmont Center has opened.

Meanwhile, the Foodie’s in Belmont Center has closed.

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Why is that area a Location of Doom for markets (eg, Foodies, Bildners)? You’d think it would be a terrific location. And Foodie’s was pretty good too.

I thought the selection at Foodies in Belmont was lousy - you have places like WholeFoods, Formaggio closeby than you need better stuff to reasonable prices - we are living not that far away but after going through once and looking at everything we never returned

Dakzens in Davis Square will have a soft opening on Sunday the 17th, doors open at noon.

It looks as though it might be an interesting place, although I found this on their website a little worrying: “At dakzen we are adapted AUTHENTIC recipe with americanized & modern concept.”

hmmm, that is slightly worrisome.

I just found it SO expensive and I’m not one to care much about food costs since I don’t spend much on anything else.

tasty pot is opening in the old in house cafe location on harvard ave in allston

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cheers cut (taiwanese grilled & fried) is opening in the old hot spot location on harvard ave in allston

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I was surprised to see that Townsman is closing as of tomorrow. Personally I had some hits and misses there after they opened and probably hadn’t been since their first year. I had been hearing good things about their burger, but never quite motivated to try it.

I believe Townsman was the recipient of one of the very low cost restricted liquor licenses that Boston gave out, so they did have some tailwinds to start.

A third Smoke Shop location opened at Assembly Row. I thought 1 location was plenty.

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Way easier for me to get to.

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