Last-minute trip to Berlin

We just took a last-minute trip to Berlin on our way to Paris, because a friend of ours was singing in a concert. But we still had to eat! We enjoyed the dumplings at Wok Show one evening, although the place was a lot noisier than it was when we last visited. We had a very nice meal at Dieckmann, for me oysters and beef cheeks, for some of the others, venison. We went back to Txokoa because we had liked it so much on our previous visit. Since we were a larger group this time, we got to sample practically everything on the menu, and it was all good. Tonight, our last night, we went to Salt n Bone, another success. We had, among us, the Scotch egg, chicken wings, the Sunday roast beef, roast chicken, the polenta dish, and their hamburger, beer and wine. Everyone was very happy with his or her meal. Now we’re looking forward to Paris.


Sounds like you had a lovely trip with good food! I love Txokoa’s pork belly <3

Can’t wait to be back in less than 2 months…

Have a good trip. My cousin who lives in Berlin is now planning to visit us in Zurich. We won’t be going to restaurants. Restaurants can be great in Berlin. In Zurich they are mittelmässig at best.