Last minute Philly dinner help!!

Our Thanksgiving weekend plans got flipped upside down and we have decided to make an earlier than expected holiday season trip to Philly, this Friday to Saturday. My husband and I have been dozens of times by ourselves and I have no shortage of favorites, but two things are working against us this time- the last minute-ness of this trip and our 4 year old! It’ll be her first time joining us and I’m looking for a dinner recommendation for Friday night. I think we have all the other meals and snacks figured out, but dinner is confounding me. She is a pretty adventurous eater for a 4 year old (for example, she likes sushi and Filipino food, along with stuff like hot dogs and Mac and cheese) but she is not the type to sit quiet as a mouse during a meal. So, basically, somewhere with somewhat interesting food where we won’t feel like jerks for bringing her. We are happy to eat at 5 pm if that makes it easier. Any ideas!?! I’ll reply with some of the available reservations I found on OpenTable and resy. Thanks so much!!!

Eta- staying in center city!!

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City Tap House at Logan Square? The food is fine, nothing spectacular, but it’s a bustling place that wouldn’t be bugged by a non-silent child.

Might help to know what your favorites are in Philly so we can have an idea of what appeals to you.

Cheu Noodle Bar maybe? Or somewhere in Chinatown or at Reading Terminal?

Thank you so much for the recommendations !! Cheu looks and sounds exactly like what we’re looking for. We are planning on Reading Market noshing for lunch either Friday and Saturday (or both, who knows, depends on the kid’s whim) so a change of scenery would be good. Looks like Cheu’s only location is in Fishtown which isn’t a deal breaker per se but if there’s anything closer to Center City with a similar vibe I’d welcome those suggestions too!! We do Parc every time we visit, hope we can snag a reservation there, and we love Vernick and the Trias, love Amada but that didn’t seem like it’d be good with a kid even though I think she’d like the many small plates concept, and we usually hit up some beer bar, not sure if there are any that are family friendly. We had amazing arepas somewhere last time too that I have to find again. we just adore Philly!

The Dandelion? It’s a pub so might be more low-key (?).

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We went to Vetri Pizzeria tonight (if pizza is an option), and there were several kids running around — this was at 7:30/8pm.

Thank you!!! I will post an update later today- because of the weather, I have two different plans. Haha