Last minute Manhattan recs (midtown-ish)?

Hey HOs - my brother is in town for the next couple of days attending a big restaurant industry expo at Javits. He’s traveling with a friend who owns a wine/cheese bar in Florida, and she selected La Grande Boucherie (I think the 53rd St. location as opposed to one of the Boucherie locations downtown, but bro was hazy on details) for dinner on Tuesday. However, bro would prefer something a little more interesting if at all possible - any thoughts on potential replacements around that price point and in that general area? Bonus points for a great cheese service and/or wine list. I know getting reservations at this late date may be tough, but hit me with your best ideas - thank you!

A bit closer to Javits than Grand Boucherie, and much wine & cheesier.

Casellula was actually the first place I thought of - they will head there for pre-dinner drinks I’m sure! Looking for something a bit more substantial for dinner though. If only Picholine and all of its amazing cheese were still in business!

Ah, I see. Well, Artisanal’s long gone, unfortunately. Will keep thinking.

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Bar Boulud, Aldo Sohm.

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This actually looks perfect - will pass along (and keep in mind for myself for future!).

Aldo Sohm, or Le Prive would be my choices.