Last minute lunch at Aarzu in Freehold anyone?

GM fellow HOs! My friend bailed on me last second and the wife has to open the store before noon. I am still in the mood for Indian food though so I am going to the lunch buffet at Aarzu. I will be there at noon.

If anyone is interested/hungry/ bored in the lousy weather, come on by.

God damn it I wish I saw this sooner!! I am totally craving Indian buffet right now.

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I just called Aarzu and they said today is their last weekend buffet. :frowning: Sadness.

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So it was just me and @BossaNova at what may be our last weekend buffet at Aarzu. The cream of tomato soup was excellent.

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Alas, @seal was stuck having lunch with me instead of with a friend.

The soup was very good, so good I had a second cup in lieu of dessert.


Are you serious?!?

Yeah, but on the bright side the Indian joint in Red Bank is doing buffet and apparently is very good.

Also, my friend says she tried the buffet at Sawan in Marlboro and liked it better than Aarzu.