** LAST CALL - HOdown 11/4 at Shiraz, Elmsford NY - RSVP here!

Any reason there is nothing posted via media or the website? I would like to know more
about the event!

Hi there! Ask away for any info you’d like. Confirmed attendees will agree on an exact time. This will be an 18+ event. Please bring cash for ease of splitting the bill.

I’m coming!

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My bad,I didn’t look into the whole HOdown thing before asking. I’m hoping to go. I haven’t been there in years!

What time will this be?

Welcome to the board! The confirmed attendees will agree on a time. I am assuming between 12 and 2.

@liza2199 @pbhat23 Glad to see some new faces on the board. Please look around and check out some of our recent posts. We welcome your contributions-- we are an opinionated bunch but we like a good debate, like the recent one on best burger!

Edited to add: I invite everyone, new and old, to post on our “getting to know you” thread, especially if you would like to join the HOdown! :relaxed:

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Alright, I’ll try to be there at the HoDown. If it doesn’t work out I’ll let you know.

@liza2199 @pbhat23 - Welcome!!

Ugg, I have a prior commitment…

Thanks! Happy to find the board!


Curious, Elizabeth, how did you find the site? And welcome!

Thanks for the welcome! I think I was doing random searches for restuarant lists for Westchester County NY. Was/Am a Chowhowder, but have been getting tired of lack of input and some “random” puff thoughts on restaurants. I just want ideas/thoughts from regular folks that like food as much as me. I also love trying food festivals/events to explore new cuisines! So far, I’m liking the site!
Oh, and thank you icecream, I have read many ofyour posts on CH!


I’m not interested in attending the HOdown (it’s Restaurant Week and the couple of times I ate at Shiraz I was not thrilled with it). But I wanted to say that I agree with you on the puff posts on CH. I am not sure if the person is cutting and pasting from elsewhere, or is doing promo work for the restaurants, but they’re definitely strange.

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I agree with your comment about the puff posts. Definitely sounds like promo work.


Hi everyone,
We will be taking a final count on Thursday. As far as I know we have four confirmed attendees so far and three or four maybes. I don’t think we will have an issue getting a reservation but I would like to do it a couple days in advance, hence the Thursday cutoff.
Really looking forward to seeing everyone there!

I’m confirming for hodown this weekend. Has the time been finalized?

I set the time as 1 on the calendar feature but I’m flexible if people want earlier. I’ll message the confirmed attendees tomorrow.

I’m out for this one unfortunately. Soccer for my brood ends in 2 weeks, so I’m looking forward to a December HO-Down (if there is one!).

Arghhh!! I’m working this weekend! I so wanted to go!:pouting_cat: Sorry Guys! Maybe next time.

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