Lasagna in the Horn of Africa

None of the Ethiopian restaurants here I’ve eaten at have it on the menu (and I’ve checked the menus of the ones I haven’t been to).

I’d love to try it.

There’s a link to a shorter, related article in Saveur in the article.

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My metro area only has one Ethiopian restaurant. it’s been open for about ten years and, until comparitvely recently, really only catered for the small immigrant (and larger student) community. It also doesnt have lasagne (as we’d spell it) on their menu.

We’ve only been once, back in 2010 - just weren’t that keen on the food (yes, I know that in foody circles it’s a shunning offence to say you’re not keen on Ethiopian food)

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I wonder if it’s such a “home” dish that a restaurant wouldn’t think of putting it on a menu - or if the personal variations are such that if it was offered at a restaurant out wouldn’t sell well because each person wants their family version?

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That’s what it sounds like. I’ve never seen it on an Ethiopian menu in the SF Bay Area.

Part of the fun (heh, or horror) of travel is to see local takes on internationally known dishes—- now I regret not going to an Italian restaurant when I was in Addis Ababa.


Possibly. My brother in law is Spanish (from Mallorca). Whenever there’s Mallorcan food on the TV, he says it’s “not authentic”. It took a while to realise what he actually meant was it wasnt how his mother used to cook it. That said, it doesnt stop him going to restaurants on the island and eating “non authentic” versions

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