[Las Vegas, NV] Oxtail Soup at the Market Street Café

I was tipped off to Market Street Café and their late night oxtail soup by a coworker. Market Street Café is inside the California Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas. They are open 24 hours and serve American diner style food as well as Hawaiian and Filipino inspired dishes like kalua pork, saimin, and chicken adobo. They also have a late night menu served from 11pm to 9am.

I went here for their oxtail soup, which is only served on their late night menu. I got there about half past midnight and there was a bit of a line to get in. Got seated at the counter after about half an hour wait. Service was a little slow but the soup came out pretty quickly after finally ordering.

The oxtail soup comes with little cups of cilantro and minced ginger and a bowl of plain white rice. The cilantro was a nice addition but the ginger was a bit weak. Broth was quite salty but had a good beefy flavor. The oxtails in the soup were falling off the bone tender and quite good. Overall a very comforting dish. Probably great after a night of imbibing.

Oxtail Soup

Late Night Menu


Good stuff!

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I’m to assume this was a Filipino/ version?

Oxtail stew has always been one of my favorite diner dishes.
Never had ginger and cilantro to top it with however.

I haven’t had the Filipino version of oxtail soup, but googling around I think it may be a Hawaiian version? E.g. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/hawaiian_oxtail_soup/ although the one at the Market Street Café didn’t have peanuts.

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