[Las Vegas, NV] Fukumimi

I’m not a ramen-expert, I’m a ramen-eater and I’ve eaten my fair share of ramen in this town. The place I’ve done most my ramen eating is Fukumimi.

According to Yelper Tetsuro, who knows all things Vegas ramen, Fukumimi is Osaka-style ramen, and they use the straight ramen noodles, not curly. They also serve TanTan Men but not the same TanTan Men one would find at a Chinese restaurant. Even though their menu say Szechwan style, it’s not, it’s Chuka Ryori cuisine, which is Japanized Chinese cuisine. Chuka Ryori cuisine is very rare, I’ve only seen it in one other restaurant and that’s at the shuttered Chin Ma Ya in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Tantan Men ($9) is my favorite because it’s unusual, it has a sesame-seed-paste-emulsion for a base which lends to its unusually thick and creamy mouthfeel. It’s served with a spicy meatball on top and blanched greens.

(Photo from Fukumimi Facebook page)

Besides the TanTan Men, Fukumimi serves regular Tonkatsu Ramen, below is the Tonkatsu Ramen (Salt) with Chashu ($9.50).

The dish I most often get is the small Chashu bowl ($4) because it’s the perfect size for my small appetite. Their chashu is good.

And lastly, here’s a pic of their house salad, which is not on their menu, it must be seasonal. I got it with a side of Chashu. It was the perfect substitute for ramen on a hot, summer day.

Place is small and in a run-down shopping center in a dangerous part of town (I would know, I used to live around there). But don’t let that deter you, it’s close to the Strip and worth the short ride to get there. It may be one of the only places in the US where you can experience Japanese TanTan Men.


I am curious, besides straight noodles, are there other differences between Osaka style vs other style?