[Las Vegas] Casual lunch on the strip

Looks like there isn’t a ton of traffic on this board but thought I’d give it a try. Will be visiting Vegas for a couple of days for vacation around Thanksgiving time. Looking for some recommendations for casual lunch spots on or near the strip (will be renting a car). Prefer something that can’t easily be found in the SF Bay Area (so no Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian).

Currently considering Yardbird, Holstein’s, Crack Shack, Mon Ami Gabi.


I’d go nuts one day. This is more than food. It is a dining experience.

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I’m not a local but here are some places I liked that are open for lunch:

Momofuku in the Cosmopolitan - a David Chang restaurant.
Lotus of Siam, which is not on the strip but pretty close.
Bouchon in the Venetian - yes we have the original here in the Bay Area but you have to drive all the way to Yountville to get to that one.
Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge, though maybe more for the experience than the food. If you are somehow still hungry after a meal at Peppermill there is also a Tacos el Gordo nearby. Good al pastor tacos there.

Thanks for the recs. We are already planning to do Bacchanal and Wicked Spoon for dinners and are already planning to visit Tacos El Gordo for lunch and Lotus of Siam for dinner. Bouchon might be a good idea as @Mr_Happy said Yountville is a pretty far drive. Are there any other french bistros in Vegas worth considering? I read some good reviews about Bardot Brasserie @ Aria.

I heard Hawaiian food is well represented in Vegas but have never had any Hawaiian food that wowed me (although I’ve probably never been anywhere notable). Most of the places seem to be off the strip and I’m not sure it’s worth making the trek out there. Anyone have any recs for those if there is only one plate lunch place to visit?

I thought Bardot was very good as well (especially their fries which were excellent). I believe they only serve lunch (brunch) on weekends.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Bardot Brasserie at this point, but when we went we loved it. They were doing bottomless rose wine with brunch . . . Jean Luc Colombo, we more than made up for any costs with what we drank. And we liked the food. But it has been a while.

I miss the $3.99 all you can eat & drink champagne brunches at the Dunes and Sands :wink: Honestly, big brunches in Vegas weighed me down for daytime activities (lounging at the pool with libations, sightseeing, & casino hopping). Personally, I would make dinner the special meal, and go to Pink’s for a dog, Hard Rock or any nearby or in-house hotel brunch. Lost Wages, Nevada, has never been a foodie destination for me. Better eats in LA and San Fran.

How about some ny style pastrami? Are you a fan?

Yes, big fan of Katz’s in NYC and Brent’s Deli in north LA. Where do you recommend for pastrami in Vegas?

Jaleo for tapas.

There are 25,001 photos on Yelp, not kidding. It all looks great.

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For a cheap lunch, a ten dollar pastrami at Greenbergs is a great lunch. It’s in the Ny NY hotel. I never thought I would get a good one out west but it is solid! Here is a tip. Get there when they first open. They get the pastrami from a local smokehouse in Vegas delivered right before lunch. They arrive still hot from the supplier. The marble rye is great too. It’s not a secret spot but you wouldn’t expect such a quality sandwich from this place.

I like the vibe too. It is like NYC but you dont have to worry about crime, hobos begging for money, breathing in pollution, pick pocketers, traffic, crazy cab drivers, and all the other stuff NYC offers lol


It is quite a sight to behold. The food is actually good, unlike most buffet places. The carving stations are where you will often find me getting fresh sliced brisket. The seafood selection is impressive too.

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Oysters, crabs, and medium rare meat =major food groups.

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I’d skip Mon Ami Gabi – it’s a great place for people-watching if you sit outside, but IMO the food is mediocre at best. Bardot is a better choice for that kind of food. Another vote for both Lotus of Siam and Jaleo – both very good.

I’ve been to Bacchanal once back in 2017 and it was very good, although I didn’t think the quality/selection was that much better than Wicked Spoon or Bellagio circa 2009-2012ish. Wanted to try it again as I’ve heard the selections change regularly and it’s still highly rated. Are there any items specifically that I should look out for besides the brisket, oysters, crab?

Looks pretty good. Will keep it in mind, thanks.

I’ve been to Mon Ami Gabi once maybe 5 years ago and it was solid but it could have gone downhill since then. Unfortunately it looks like Bardot isn’t open for lunch on the weekdays when I’ll be in town. Anyone else have any suggestions for a french brasserie on/near the strip (other than Bouchon)?

Dear god, this thread made my head hurt. Where did you end up going?

It’s not a foodie destination for you because you’re eating $3.99 AYCE w/ booze at Dunes and Sands (which was demolished in1996) and then you’re going to Pink’s (or even Hard Rock in general) for brunch.

I’m not picking on you (ok, I am) but this thread’s absolute lack of knowledge about my town makes my head hurt.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold