Las Perronas Tortas El Spring Brancho

The wifeacita and I took one for the team. First the downside, an almost 5 minute journey to get there. I read the same article brucesw saw in the Chronicle.

Upside a home run or touchdown with a two point conversion. Our first ever tortas so I’ll set the stage a bit.

Small space with room for 20 folks max. When we got there were two white guys and maybe three Hispanics. An Asian couple came in and wolfed down their tortas. Business was steady, a good sign with some of the Hispanic folks dining in and getting to go.

Our food. The wifeacita fed on a double pork chop torta, really cubed pork. I took down a pork leg, shredded pork and ham which the wifeacita preferred to hers although both were terrific.

The tortas are served with a minimal amount of refried beans, onions, mayo, and avocado, just perfect. Sides are Lay’s classic chips and fritos. We washed our food down with a topo chico .

I spoke with the owner and he is happy with his business growth in the 1 and a half years they’ve been there.

I wish them the best and we will be regulars.


Good report JC. One of the problems I have with tortas is they’re so massive but I’m still thinking of hitting this up next time I go up to Super H Mart (and the Polish Market - need some more Polish mustard and might as well get some kielbasa while I’m there)l

Being my one and only torta I don’t have a reference point for size but it didn’t seem to be too large, however we were quite full and didn’t order anything else other than a split Topo Chico.

The wifeacita wanted to walk hers off so we hit the very ethnic HEB on Wirt just south of Hempstead. I like to check out the seafood, can’t believe anybody buys fish there but they do in droves.

They had live female blue crabs for 3.49, no thanks and the first crawfish I’ve seen this season, barely alive tiny ones for 3.99, really no thanks, however both were being bought.

I agree with jcostiones those Perronas sure are good. must try all.

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