LARD! Parma Salumi & Torta Frita

In the area around Parma the first course is often Salumi & Torta Frita. Torta frita is rectangles tof dough dropped in hot lard and fried until golden. It is eaten with prosciutto and mostarda (sort of candied pickled fruits and bell peppers.)


By chance, my Boss is Bolognese and made these at work the other Day. Served with Mortadella and Squacquerone, delicious! Also found all over the Emilia-Romagna. AKA Crescentina Fritta (Bologna), Gnocco Fritto(Modena) or Pinzin.

my favorite version was draped with Lardo at Giusti in Modena but its worth looking for all over Emilia Romagna.