L'Archestrate, Paris 7

My review of L’Archestrate is now up.

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About the confusion of charging a menu price or each separate course individually, this is indeed the first time I’ve heard of this problem. Glad that you have sorted the problem with the restaurant. I believe we can make such a mistake by being careless or distracted. It would be nice if the servers confirm with the client just to make sure when seeing all courses ordered.

Wow! Many thanks, Onz, That looks and sounds fabulous. It’s fortunate for us that you and L choose different dishes, giving us a double treat.

Indeed it does sound great. After reading your review i immediately reserved a table for our stay next month.

I did the same for my December visit! I remember from last time that we have some similar likes so will be interested in your November reviews. Enjoy!

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With a simple but significant change of wording on the menu, Archestrate became a much less desirable lunch option:

From onz’s carte posted on Oct. 25:
“Menu dejeuner 3 services 44
Au choix sur notre carte - choose from our menu”
A list of three entrées, three plats and three desserts follows.

From our carte today Nov. 30:
“Menu déjeuner: 3 services 44
Sélection des plats par le chef - selection of dishes by the chef”
Also followed by a list of three entrées, plats and desserts.

Our experience today: Heeding onzième’s advice we advised our server we would like the 3-course lunch, and then told him our choices in each category. He told us that the 3-course lunch included only one specific item from each category. Today those choices were a parsnip soup, a wild mushroom, Gorgonzola and bacon main dish, and a chocolate mousse with poached pear. We decided to order off the carte. Our bill came out only a little more than it would have under the prior arrangement, but we only had one dessert to share. With no choice of courses I’m not sure the 44€ is such a great deal anymore, unfortunately. And although the other dishes were good, the only course we really loved was the chocolate fondant with ice cream, which can also be found at Géosmine and Sellae.

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Ah, Carole, you save me from another disappointment! Sorry for your negative experience but really appreciate that feedback. Eagerly waiting for your Week 4 write ups!

This is quite frustrating because after onzieme’s review, we decided to try it on November 13 and our experience was quite different. We were presented with a 44E

menu with 3 choices for entrees, mains and desserts. Never was there any mention of a chef restricted selection for the 44E menu. We had a velouté de champignons and tartare de boeuf aux couleurs d’automne, followed by côte de veau with polenta, and maigre with panais purée. We then had a chocolate dessert with banana ice cream, and a sorbet de poire flavored with tarragon. We found the cooking inventive and the welcoming by the chef and the staff inviting. I hope they will get their act together.

That sounds like a great lunch, and it seems that the restrictive menu change must have happened after your visit on Nov. 13 and ours on Nov. 30. I can only hope that the restaurant returns to its original formule.

A friend and I were the only diners last night (they said they had been full at lunch). There were problems that I won’t get into unless people request details, but the meal, while not terrible, was below my expectations and the restaurant is currently off my list of places to go to.

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