Larb Thai Food and Tapas [El Cerrito]

This video plea from the owners of Larb Thai Food and Tapas reminded me, yet again, of how small restaurants are getting walloped by this crisis.

We placed an order yesterday, and I think everyone in the community who loves this place had the same idea, but I was happy to wait for my order. I hope they can make it.


After watching the YouTube. I’m speechless.

And we sadly imagine the zillions more family operations now in similar circumstances. Wish we could do more, and we expect it’s a common sentiment among us stay-at-homes. For example, we had already stepped up expeditions to a donut haunt that just before the lockdown signed onto a rent increase to stay put, in spite of – word on the street had it – landlord pressure to alter operations to boost sales…

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The Sharks In The Water will always eat.

Agreed. Every time I think my empathy is saturated from all the hardship stories from family and friends, something like this comes along and sends a gut punch.

I maybe had take out 3 times in the last 10 years before the shelter-in-place mandate. I hate the packaging waste of take out, and I enjoy a change of scenery and chance social encounters I can get at a sit-down restaurant. Now, I am ordering take out twice a week. It’s not the same, because so many times it’s not about what I want to eat that day, but what I want to still exist in some form or another after the storm.

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You are doing the right thing. While some of our recent takeout orders did not match the dining-in cooking’s quality that led to choosing that restaurant for a takeout order to help it through these times, we said to ourselves: “so what? we’re not wanting for any meal”. There’s dignity in all honest work, especially when giving up is not on the table.


Here’s something of a two-edged sword, for including also implies excluding, even if not by design: