Lanzhou Noodle School for poor rural women also attracts women educated overseas

This is an interesting development.

From what I’ve read, running a restaurant is an all-consuming endeavor. Hopefully these college graduates from Rutgers and Melbourne is prepared for the high effort, low margin business.

They probably have doting daddies to get them set up.

I don’t know about that. But if their parents are first generation immigrants who came to their current countries without a lot of income, and perhaps even worked at a restaurant or two to raise the families and put the kids through college, they will probably start yelling at their kids for choosing a tough path that they hoped their hard work can have their kids avoid.

Running restaurants don’t quite have the same cachet in China than in the US and presumably, Australia where starry chefs reign.

Well they’re young and supposedly energetic, a good time to make mistakes in life.
(And also helpful they did graduate college so if/when the noodle restaurant flops they have additional options)