Lange's Deli & Pizzeria, Scarsdale Village...

Next door to Lange’s long running deli in Scarsdale Village I now see: Lange’s Pizzeria. It has a typical pizza/pasta type menu and a few tables. When did this happen? Will the other Lange’s Delis do the same?

That seems to be a trend. In Somers, Froggies deli opened Froggies pizza. The pizza has deli themed pizzas, from what I understand.

Scarsdale has had the pizza for at least a year probably2 or 3. They do a good business with a distinctly mediocre product. Don’t know if the lunch special- 2 plain slices and a drink use a different pie or not,but the last time i went for that,the cheese/sauce slid off and burned my ankle and the pie was AWFUL. Recently , tried them again pepperoni/sausage slice - healthy and hard to ruin- it was ok in a pinch. The place is pretty much a hang-out for locals so between the deli and pizza groups (including kids) can all find something.Great business decision but only fair pizza,and i think the deli used to be better. I doubt Bronxville (even if it could find the space) would consider it, their is already good pizza just a block away.

Not sure if they changed the sign outside but the pizza has been there for several years. Can’t say I’ve ever had the pizza or pasta…I usually stick to salads or perhaps a sandwich.

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