Land O'Lakes on 60 Minutes

The 10/6 segment was informative. I didn’t realize LOL is a farmer collective that owns other big brands, including Purina. The dairy and crop part of the business has been losing money, for reasons that include Trump’s tariffs and severe weather. But LOL’s high-tech arm is doing well and growing, and since the farmers share in those profits, the are staying afloat. The tech includes such specific monitoting that a computer programs seeding machinery to plant the exact quantity of seed thatbeach field can use, based on its soil’s composition and state. Plant growth is monitored by sensors that tell the farmer exactly what additional nutrients are needed. These advancements save money on seed, fertilizer, and pesticides. The latter also helps limit pollution and soil contamination.


Thanks for bringing this forward - will try to find the spot on streaming. Farmer co-operatives are a great way for producers to have control and support in these difficult economic times.


Welcome to the Hungry Onion table! I have CBS All Access, so was able to stream it. I believe they offer a free trial. It’s not cheap, but I like a couple of their original series that are only on All Access (and in January, Sir Patrick Stuart will return to his most famous role in the new Star Trek spinoff, Picard!).