[Lancashire] Northcote's 2018 "Obsession" chefs

The 18th Obsession event will take place between 18/1 and 4/2. As usual, there’s an interesting array of high end chefs cooking. As usual, it’s damned expensive at £140 a person (plus drinks of course)

Thursday 18th January – Jason Atherton (3 x 1 star restaurants) – The Social Company, London, UK

Friday 19th January – Gary Usher – Sticky Walnut, Chester, UK

Saturday 20th January – Manish Mehrotra (Asia Top 50 – 30 and World Top 50– 78) – Indian Accent, New Delhi, India

Sunday 21st January – Jean-Philippe Blondet (3 stars) – Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, London, UK

Monday 22nd January – Juan Amador (2 stars) – Amador’s, Vienna, Austria

Tuesday 23rd January – Lisa Goodwin-Allen – (1 star) – Northcote, Lancashire, UK

Wednesday 24th January – Daniel Calvert – Belon, Hong Kong

Thursday 25th January – Hiroshi Nakamichi (3 stars) – Restaurant Molière, Sapporo, Japan

Friday 26th January – George Blogg (1 star) – Gravetye Manor, Sussex, UK

Saturday 27th January – Larry Jayasekara (1 star) – Petrus, London, UK

Sunday 28th January – Tom Kitchin (1 star) –The Kitchin, Edinburgh, Scotland

Monday 29th January – Diego Hernandez Baquedano (Latin America Top 50 – 39) Corazón de Tierra, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico; Francisco Ruano, Alcalde, Guadalajara, Mexico; Jorge Vallejo (World Top 50 – 22) Quintonil, Mexico City, Mexico

Tuesday 30th January – Martin Milesi, Una, London, UK

Wednesday 31st January – Jorge Vallejo (World Top 50 – 22) – Quintonil, Mexico City, Mexico

Thursday 1st February – Tommy Banks (1 star) – The Black Swan at Oldstead, Yorkshire, UK

Friday 2nd February – Berezutskiy Twins (formerly World Top 100 – 92 – Twins) – Twins Garden, Moscow, Russia

Saturday 3rd February – Nelly Robinson – Nel Restaurant, Sydney, Australia; Kirk Haworth – Plates London, London, UK

Sunday 4th February – Nigel Haworth (1 star) – Northcote, Lancashire, UK

I am always a little worried that the chefs will be out of their usual kitchen and away from their usual supply chain so does that introduce a degree of risk for the diner…? Especially as the price seems higher than simply heading to many of the actual restaurants…

You may not be surprised to read that we’re not going, and havent been in the past.

You’ll see that Nigel Haworth and Lisa Allen are both doing a night. So, eating their food, at their restaurant, at getting on for twice the price of a normal night. Take in Gary Asher, a good businesssman and a very decent bistro chef, and that’s three times the price of a meal at Sticky Walnut (or one of his other two gaffs)

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr