LaLa's Puerto Rican Kitchen in [NJ, Old Bridge]

Found on weekends in the Deep Run Plaza on Route 9, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM. LaLa’s is a Puerto Rican food truck that serves up a delicious rotating menu with options such as Pernil Asado, Canoas (plaintains stuffed with beef), chicarron, empanadas, and more.

I stopped by today and it was crowded due to the beach rush on 9 south. Ordered a plate of pernil with maduros, rice, beans and peas.

They regularly post on their Facebook their schedule, as well as their menu. Definitely worth the trip for food truck fanatics, and foodies alike!

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And, while you’re in the plaza, stop by Tropical Hut and get some excellent spring rolls and pork on a stick.

What I love most about this food truck (besides the food) is how hospitable the owners are. Frank and LaLa, husband and wife, run the operation, and Frank couldn’t be a nicer guy.

Frank, who is on a first-name basis with almost every repeat customer, which is no easy feat, is who you’ll find taking the orders.

I tend to frequent LaLa’s on a weekly basis and have found very few Puerto Rican restaurants that compete with LaLa’s in the area (even in Elizabeth)!

A few meals I’ve had over the weeks:
Canoas (Sweet plantains filled with beef)
Carne Guisada (Beef stew)
Pollo asado (Oven roasted chicken)
Chuleta Frita (Fried Pork Chop)

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