Laki Ramen - Los Angeles, CA

I got this place as a rec from the r/ramen subreddit. I had already planned on visiting the Petersen Automobile Museum and this place is just a short walk away, which makes the eternal LA parking problem less of an issue.

A perfectly fried panko breaded shrimp in a tangy (kewpie?) mayo-based tartar sauce. Fun!

Chicken karaage, marinated chicken thigh w/ that same tartar sauce and a zingy chilli oil.

And the main show, a rich, creamy chicken broth, a poultry analog to tonkotsu pork broth. The chasu was sliced paper thin, giving it a super tender, melty mouthfeel. Thin, straight noodles have plenty of chew. Lots of umami in the broth plus a hint of spice and a heathy helping of ginger.

Thumbs way up. Would order again. Must remember to try the egg next time.


Looks wonderful, although I’m curious about the paper-thin “chaos”. :grinning:

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Damned autocorrect. ‘Chasu’.