L'Affable, Paris 7

My review of dinner at L’Affable on rue de Saint-Simon in the 7th Arrondissement is now up.


Thanks for this. I remember cycling by this place last year thinking I should visit it at some point. Not sure if your review has convinced me to do so though…

By the way, you mention you like other places in this area better. If I may ask, which ones? I regularly stay in this area (as a tourist) so having a few new ones to choose from would be great. Thanks!

Just off the top of my head and in no particular order and representing various levels of formality/cuisine:

Les Parisiens
Le 122 (went through a slump, but changed ownership and is good again)
Les Climats (lunch, take the three-course menu)
La Laiterie
Gaya (very expensive unless you go at lunch and take the menu)


First, thanks for this new review. We’ve seen the place, and wondered about it. Regarding the list of other places, including Le 122 and Les Climats — we returned to both for dinner a couple months ago, in July. The first was very good; the second was, as usual, excellent. Both (and especially the second) would be much better deals at lunch.

Thanks for all! It’s a neighborhood I don’t always head to, and it’s good to have some names of places to consider.