[Ladybarn, Manchester] Sanskruti - 2022 visit

We’ve been to this vegetarian Indian restaurant several times over the years. The last occasion was in October when, to be frank, we had quite a mediocre meal and considered whether it was worth a return. Glad that we decided to – this meal was absolutely bang-on. Alongside their usual menu, Tuesday night is thali night. And that’s what sets Sanskruti apart from other South Asian places in the area, both omnivore and vegetarian. I can’t think of another restaurant in the city’s southern suburbs which offers it. The complete meal takes its name from the metal platter on which the various dishes are served.

To start, there’s an onion bhaji and bateta vada. The latter is a golf ball sized piece of spiced mashed potato, coated it in batter and deep fried. It makes for lovely contrast of textures – the crisp exterior and the soft filling. There’s a little dish of raita and a small bowl of finely chopped salad, to perk everything up…

Also on the platter are three dishes from the main course part of the full menu, served in small bowls. There’s a quite pokey potato & pea curry that I deduce from the Gujarati part of the menu must be vatana bateta. I liked the creamy paneer curry – I got seconds as my companion in life isn’t keen on paneer. But we both agreed that the daal was best of the three – full flavoured, with a bit of texture, perfect for scooping up with the bread.

Speaking of the bread, you’re not going to go short of carbs here. Along with the potato in two of the dishes, there’s rice, a papad and a couple of roti.

For dessert, a single well made ball of gulab jamun, a light sponge heavily soaked in sweet syrup.

Service had been fine and it’s definitely a place that remains on our “regular places” list. Thoroughly recommended – and go with an appetite if you’re going to tackle all those carbs. They are well worth tackling

July 22. Sanskruti