Labor day is over, what's now on your radar? [NJ]

I don’t think I’ve eaten at Barrio since Reyla opened, but as you say, the portions are TINY; it’s my main complaint about the place, and have actually had conversations about this with various staff members at Reyla, where I do think their small plate portion sizes AND prices are fair.

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Went to Talulas yesterday and they had a few open tables so we were seated quickly. Place was loud, I had forgotten how loud it can be in there.
Someone came over and poured us water and then we saw no one for over five minutes.

Got up and left, told the hostess the reason we were leaving and all she had to say was “I’m sure someone would have come over shortly”. No apology just that statement.

So we had brunch at Pascale instead.


Wow…that’s a shame. Talula’ is the one place in AP that consistently had good service! No excuse for that.

I still haven’t been to grand tavern! I tend to either head to a place way too early (as in the first week they are open) or wait like 2 years.

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The current menu at Grand Tavern is my favorite they have had, but will probably change soon

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I hear it is a great place and I need to get there. The ribeye sounds fantastic.

If you don’t make it to The Grand Tavern and Johnny Piancone’s Corvette Johnny it will be a grand travesty.

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I like your style man. We are on the same page. I will hopefully get to both soon. The thing is, I’m eating less lately. I don’t think I can hammer down the tavern ribeye alone. I might try but don’t hold me to it lol.

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2nd Jetty isn’t closed. It had closed for the winter last year. And then was open Thu-Sun only. Opened full-time for the summer. We were able to enjoy a delicious meal there on an early Wednesday night. Don’t know what their off-season plans are, but if I find out, I’ll post.

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Do you remember what you had there?

Hopefully we get some nice september days sometime soon. I’ll be at 2nd jetty. I haven’t been in a few months.

We had lobster bisque and a Jersey chowder (crab and corn), both specials, I believe. Sadly, nearly all of the seafood on the menu is not local. I vocalized to the (excellent) server my disappointment. The crab at the height of crab season was not local. Both soups were delicious. The lobster bisque was complex: it had a tiny bit of spice at the back end. The server said that the chowder did not have cream in it. I was skeptical, but I think he was right–the creaminess came from potatoes. My DH had fish tacos and enjoyed them. I think they were mahi. I got linguine in white clam sauce because the clams were local. It was served with a small bowl of freshly grated parmesan. The DH and I agreed that it was the best damn white clam sauce that we’ve ever had. Loaded with clams. I’m avoiding carbs so I ate less than half the pasta. I did want to drain the broth and take it home but resisted. Looking forward to another visit.


I emailed 2nd Jetty. Their fall/winter hours per the reply follow. I"m guessing they’re open for lunch on Sunday also.

Closed Tuesday. Open Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday at 4. Saturday 1130- close

Have you tried anybody their lobster dishes? I’ve had a few lobster rolls but that is it.

The tacos I had were mahi. I don’t recall them being great but they weren’t bad either.

New menu at Grand Tavern started Thursday.
Octopus in chorizo oil was excellent
I had the pork chop, it was topped with brussel sprouts and chorizo, damn good chop.

My wife had the sweet potato gnocchi which she loved and their burger which she always enjoys.

No dessert was had but instead of the usual panckae they had bread pudding


Was here this Sat. evening.
Pork belly and octopus Apps
I had the Short rib
wife had the scallops
our friends had the Pork Chop cooked perfect and was Huge.
and the burger.

Place is solid …have yet to have bad experience.