LA (Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks) SOS*

Sorry to give so little notice HO! I am travelling to a conference today. Hotel in Woodland Hills. No car. Thought I would be slumming it for my last dinner on Wed night (2 days from now) by walking to whatever was nearby. But a brave friend is driving from Pasadena to see me. Neither of us know the area, so I don’t want to make her drive too far. ISO any really great cheap, ethnic hole in the wall type place in Woodland Hills or not too far. Mexican, Chinese, Viet, Meditteranean, anything. Primary factors: close, cheap, tasty. Thanks a million!

Would this appeal:

Not very adventurous but Brent’s Deli is acknowledged as one of the best in all of SoCal.

I’d go for Tel Aviv Grill in Tarzana. Best Israeli food in LA.

I haven’t been, but I’ve heard good things about Khaosan Thai Street Food.

Thanks all! They all sound good. I will probably choose the one closest to the hotel, just so my friend doesn’t have to do even more driving than she’s already doing to have dinner with me!

There are lots of great restaurants in Sherman Oaks on & off the Blvd., but not within walking distance to Woodland Hills. If you can get a ride, just holler.

I do have a ride, as noted in the OP. But it’s a friend who is already shlepping to and from Pasadena and I don’t want to add too many more miles to her night.

You mentioned s.o. in your post, so I assumed that was an option. Tarzana, Northridge, Canoga Park, Reseda might be closer to W.H. I got nothin’ for W.H. Sherman Oaks is pretty pricey, but there are lots of great restaurants. Carnival for Middle Eastern is casual & reasonable. The Great Greek, Rive Gauche, Solly’s and Jerry’s (deli), Terra Sushi, Cafe Bijou (French), all not cheap, but worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood. Too many to name.
ETA: It’s supposed to be about 90 degrees today. Grab a bathing suit, zip through the canyons, grab a couple of fish tacos, & head for the beach.

I hate to ask for advice and then disappoint you all. My friend did not want to do one extra mile of driving, so PF Chang it is. Sadly. She also is a eat to live-er, so I should have guessed!

It’s about friendship at the end of the day – breaking bread together, regardless the bread. Good meals are easier to come by than good friends.

I got here too late, but right across the street is Yang Chow. Admittedly, the quality has changed over the years, but their Slippery Shrimp and Szechuan Wontons are worth a try.

Unfortunately, Yang Chow in Woodland Hills closed a while back. In fact, I drove by yesterday and the whole building is gone and there is new steel framework going up for something.

Couldn’t agree more. We spent 4 very pleasant hours together just catching up over lackluster food :slight_smile:

Yes, I knew that. Yang Chow was a favorite when we lived in LA years ago (downtown location) and the slippery shrimp were dynamite. But the WH hills location, which I did visit about 3 yrs ago for the same conference, closed down in the meantime.

that’s too bad, maybe the rent got too high. Do you know if the Chinatown restaurant still there?
On another note, I know people who love PF Changs - I don’t really get it, their food has always been mediocre to me…

Avoid the Asian mac and cheese. It is weirdly musty in flavor.

I first went to Yang Chow a few days after it opened in 1977 and did so often when I worked in Lincoln Heights through the ‘80s. Back then it got a lot more love. Sorry to hear the Canoga Park location closed (though it’s still listed on their website). In case it helps, there’s another location, in Pasadena.

Just drove by the former Canoga Park Yang Chow spot yesterday, and it is well on its way to being a brand new Shake Shack - the former building was leveled and a new metal structure is about done.