La Trompette - Chiswick, London

I will say at the outset that this post is a mainly futile attempt to stay awake for yet another hour so I don’t wake at 2:00 a.m. with nothing to do but worry about my productivity on Sunday. The older I get, the worse that transatlantic flight, either direction, is. Blame all the misspellings on jet lag, but I am back in the US of A. In England, convos were all about Brexit and Hillary and Trump, so none of that here. Can’t do it!

This is the second time I’ve been to La Trompette, the first time was quite a number of years ago, I remember I went to the lovely Kew Gardens before being fetched over by a friend, and I highly recommend Kew Gardens to anyone visiting London. So much to see and do in London.

Anyhoo, this is a one Michelin starred place, I believe. can’t remember what I had last time, but this time, my starter was this:

Warm salad of celeriac, artichokes, white beets, figs, cobnuts and bresaola. “Cobnuts” in American are hazelnuts.

It was delicious, and the service was impeccable. My main, which I don’t have a pic of, was fish, as is usual with me, but here is the description:

Cornish brill, spätzle, chanterelles, parsley root, chestnuts and autumn truffles (+ £4.50)

Notice the chestnuts and upcharge, presumably for truffles?

Though both my dishes had nuts, neither had crunch, so they were either absent or softened, as chestnuts sometimes are. No truffle taste entered the picture, nor were there visible truffles, shaved or otherwise, so not sure why the upcharge.

Finally, (and I wish I could see this on the preview page to the right of this post I am writing, but it is obscured by a “your topic is similar to” page that I can’t remove or work around), someone ordered the cheese plate and since we were there on a Sunday night, “bring your own wine night”, and had consumed 4 bottles among 5 of us by then, we called it the “cheese chariot.” The wine service with our own wine expert in tow, by the way, was gracious and serious. Cheese:

Small dining room, reservations a must. Bring your own wine on Sunday and Monday.

La Trompette


Thanks for this review, which serves as a reminder to get my arse over to Chiswick for dinner when I’m next “down south”. My visits to London are, most often, to visit the National Archives and I usually stay in nearby Brentford or Richmond. Been to Chiswick once to eat but that was back in the day when Gordon Ramsay had a gastropub there.

By the by, Kew Grdens are lovely and particularly fascinating for gardeners (of which I’m one). Just a bit down Kew Road from the main entrance is the Maids of Honour - super traditional tea shop. Just the place for a scone and a brew after wandering round the gardens (or the full afternoon tea affair)

Awesome, I was looking for a place to rest and opted for the cafe in the park.