La Tour d'Argent - Closing for Renovations

La Tour d’Argent is closing for renovations on May 1, 2022 and will reopen on February 1, 2023.

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Some of those experiences look very interesting.

I confess I don’t have much affection for La Tour d’Argent because it’s now so overpriced and so touristy that it has lost that quintessential Parisian sparkle and vibe but do admit that the view of the Seine and backsides of Notre Dame is stunning and that the pressed duck specialty and the Royale de canard are stellar. The other duck dishes were always a little disappointing though and you can get it just as good for 1/4th the price elsewhere. In all my expense-account meals there (at the request of clients), I seemed to be the youngest and the only Parisien in the entire dining room.

It had a re-do 6 or 7 years ago and so I’m a bit surprised that another one is happening so soon. Maybe the shrinking of its Michelin stars from 3 to 1 over the years (although the prices remained stubbornly 3 star) has persuaded the owners to invest more on décor and facilities.

I may be wrong but it seems to be the only upmarket restaurant that still serves classic French trad cuisine. I wonder where all the well-heeled tourists attracted to this type of cuisine will do now.

What is your take on Ledoyen? Thank you.

If you mean the restaurant Ledoyen, it is no more. The Pavillon Ledoyen (the location) has been taken over by multi-starred Yannick Alléno and the space divided into the main restaurant Alléno Paris (Michelin 3-stars and stratospheric prices), the 2-star Abysse (Japanese cuisine), and the 1-star Pavyllon (modern French). I haven’t been to Alléno Paris or Abysse, both just too expensive on my own and little opportunity for expense-account noshing over the last 2 years. But I have enjoyed and highly recommend Pavyllon.

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Thank you for your advice. I was asking about Yannick Alleno’s cooking.

Interested to know, where are those 1/4 price places?

When I have a yen for duck (not often), my go-to is Bistro des Oies on rue Marie-et-Louise near the Canal St Martin.

BTW rue Marie-et-Louise is one of those magical restaurant streets where every eating place on it is very good.

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My experiences with La Tour d’Argent were sadly marred by a disappointing unforgettable episode. At that time they were a Michelin 3* and their Pressed Duck almost the only game in town…the other place ’ Michel Rostang? '. Armed with a business account whilst working for an international oil company. Having a weekly Michelin star meal was a norm. This was kicked up a few notches when the bosses were in town!
To cut a long story short. When my boss from Calgary flew into town to check on project progress, he took me out to La tour for dinner. Whilst waiting for our meal of White Asparagus, Foie Gras and the Pressed duck…paired with a gorgeous bottle of 1985 Drouhin Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru Burgundy. In came a couple of Russian speaking elderly gentlemen, partnered with a couple of ’ gorgeous looking blond ’ and occupied the table next to ours. Though those ‘ladies’ weren’t wearing any air polluting perfumes, the gentlemen on the other hand went ahead and lite up a huge Cuban cigar!! Suffice to say, the nose and bouquet of our Burgundy was instantly transformed to nothing but stnky ’ cigar smoke ’ smell! What a waste!!

I had a similar experience in another three-star restaurant many years ago (obviously, since smoking is no longer permitted). I complained to the staff and the offending parties were moved to another room.

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