[LA Times] L.A. restaurants struggle with a new form of dine-and-dash


Thanks for the news report @ipsedixit. That is heartbreaking and upsetting to read. :cry:

It’s a desperate time around the world, but to scam restaurants (who are already badly hurting / just barely surviving) is tragic.


So discouraging.

We are living in a society!

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Horrendous criminals …

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A friend who owns a boba shop up here in NorCal recently experienced something similar with a couple trying to argue their way to get their refund in cash for being overcharged, and used bullying tactics to coerce the young employees while yelling saying the wife is pregnant etc to cause a scene. The manager insisted that if they were to process the refund to a credit card they needed to see ID. The owner lives 2 minutes away and by the time she got there, the couple left and ended up with the cash refund.

But with this happening to Spoon by H, amongst other establishments, is criminal. On an unrelated note, a friend who has a really great ramen shop, had his outdoor dining tent stolen 2 weeks ago, then just less than a week ago, thieves smashed the glass to the front door and stole their iPads and took down their ordering system for the day. Something similar happened to Cassava in San Francisco not too long ago as well, and several Asian run businesses (small mom and pop).


Desperate times, desperate acts.

But I can’t even imagine an explanation for the boba couple. Boba is not an essential item, no matter how desperate times are. And, gestational diabetes is a real thing during pregnancies- boba is not the thing to drink if sugar level needs to be paid attention to.

But I guess thieves are thieves, no matter what the times are.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold