La Piquette in Cathedral Heights

We went to an early, pre-concert dinner (Piaf, the Show at the French Embassy) and everyone was thrilled. Nancy and Lisa both had the daurade

which came with some pretty snow peas
Frank had Carolina Shrimp which were very big, very fresh, over gigli.

You can’t really see the a sauce of basil, tomato, garlic, and olives, but Frank loved it, and rued that he had no more bread to sop it all up.
I went with an appetizer serving of sweetbreads and mushrooms in a Madeira sauce with ample garlic and butter.

These were the best sweetbreads I can remember eating, and everything about the dish was sensational. And I showed rare prescience in holding back one slice of (very good) bread to get all of the sauce.


Thanks for the rec of the sweetbreads, I hope to hit that up soon in case they disappear from the menu.

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We love this place. LLD had a wonderful rabbit dish there over the summer.

I was staring at that sauce. Nicely done not wasting it.

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Here’s the rabbit:


unlikely, I think. they hve them at most good French restaurants

LulusMom1. in a word, yum!

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Sarahama, if I’d been out of bread I’d have asked for a spoon


A top local French chef and instructor recommended this place (a couple of years ago) as where he goes for French food (he follows the chef). I haven’t been there yet.

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