La Piedad on Memorial Dr at Tully Rd [Houston,TX]

Had lunch there on this beautiful afternoon on their porch.
They say their liquor license comes next week. A tomatoey salsa came which was okay it did have a little heat but the chips were a reminder of Tostitos. I ordered the chicken enchiladas w green sauce one of my favorites where ever I go. It happened to be the lunch special. As I waited they brought out a sample or the boracho beans, telling me everything was homemade (well maybe not the chips). They where really really good. All they lacked was a slab of cornbread and I would have been home. When my main came flavored rice chicken enchiladas refried beans, looked good.
Rice, full flavored. Green sauce, unbelievably good on house cooked chicken. Beans a disappointment I’m afraid, I found them a bit thin.
They ask my opinion and I truthfully told for which they seemed greatfull as they have just opened.

Now I feel I must mention that this is the place the bagel Bob vacated for reasons y’all may remember and which I told them to watch for.

I think I may return as long as it’s not raining.

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Oh you are brave! I certainly hope the landlord gave full disclosure to the La Piedad folks. Glad to hear it is starting off well for them.

Uhhmmmmm. I’m wondering if I should tell you that your mother, your nephew and I ate lunch at Los Tios about two blocks from there around 1:30?

It was alright. Nana’s cheese enchis were good. My tacos were OK. Junior’s chicken fajitas disappeared with no complaints.

(Yes, I know there’s no such thing as chicken “fajitas”, but that’s what THEY call them.)

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