La Perle Caribbean, Everett MA

Got the chance to go for lunch to La Perle Caribbean on Bow St in Everett today, it’s a nice little Haitian place on a not very pretty strip right off Broadway. Tried to get the lalo with beef and crab, but we were a little too early and the jute wasn’t ready yet. Settled for the lambi boucanne (grilled conch) with a side of plantains and a soursop juice and the s.o. got the fried chicken fritay. Meal was pretty good, if not great…the conch mostly had a nice char and had good flavor, though there was a piece or two that were a bit too blackened. Side of plantains was huge and tasted fine and were fried well, but maybe a little bready and it was kind of a struggle to get through the whole order. Rice and peas might have been a better choice for a side.

The s.o.'s chicken was cooked well and had a good peppery sauce as an accompaniment. It also came with a really great super spicy slaw, that I loved.

The soursop I ordered as plain with no milk, and it came out like a tropical fruit slushy, was perfect as a refreshment after trudging down the hot streets of Everett.

The guy who served us was really friendly, and there was a steady stream of locals coming in for food and to hang out the whole time we were there. Looks like they make plenty of potent cocktails, which we were offered but demurred on given the time of day and the stuff we had to do. The atmosphere here is pretty much a no rush kind of thing, so don’t expect to get out quick but if that’s no trouble there’s lots of stuff on the menu that seems worth a try, from the goat’s head stew to the accra. Someday I’ll go back when the lalo is done.


definitely try the bouillon tête cabrit (goat head soup) and soupe joumou (squash soup)

I almost got this, will try next time.