La Michoacana heist Houston Spring Branch

Holy guacamole.

The Wifeacita bought carnitas there a couple of weeks ago.

Wow caught the end of this on the news and didn’t realize it was in Houston. Crime skyrockets in Houston in December. Be aware of your surroundings everyone and stay safe.

Big hand guns. Wonder where they came from…

I don’t think Spring Branch is any more or less dangerous than any other part of town, in the last ten years I’ve been in an armed robbery at the erstwhile Randall’s on Blalock, no I wasn’t a gunman, seen a dead body in the alley next to Shipley’s Bingle, a week or so ago saw the police investigating a murder on Long Point at some crummy apartments, go figure and this caper.

Fast and Furious?

The better question is “Where are the criminals from?” .