La Madona (Aberdeen, NJ) Has Lost Me as a Customer

I like La Madona’s food, but they have lost me as a customer for their sleazy business tactics.

First they insisted that the “Route 9 Community” discount card is good for only a 5% discount, when the R9C site has said 10% for ages (*), but this last time they tried to charge me $10.45 for an item listed as $9.95 on the menu, and when I complained, pointed to a note on the menu: “Prices are subject to change without notice.”

After I persisted that I thought it only reasonable that I should know what something cost before I ordered it (and probably because I was making a scene), they agree to charge the “old” price. But as I told them, they have lost me as a customer.

(Googling, I am reasonably sure that “Prices are subject to change without notice.” is just so much hot air, and they cannot refuse to charge you the price on the menu. Any lawyers here who can confirm or deny?)

I live up the street from La Madona and have despised them from the start. I’ve had it 3 times and never really stood out to me.

GoodParmesan, we must be practically neighbors–we live in Lakeridge off Route 516.

Yep, I live off 516 before Lakeridge. About half a mile from La Madona.