La Hot Duck in the Inner Richmond - San Francisco

The corner of Clement Street at 20th Avenue is ablaze in hot red with a new site for La Hot Duck and open for two months to serve roast duck in many incantations/parts for take-out orders. 1900 Clement Street. 415-308-9588

House Special $10.99 lb
Duck Neck
Duck Head
Duck Wings
Pig Ear
Pig Feet
Lotus Root
Tofu Skin
Green Soy Bean
Seaweed Knots
Baby Potatoes

Flaming Series $15.99 lb
Duck Glazed
Duck Feet
Chicken Feet
Pig Tongue

Chef’s Choice
Beef Tripe/Beef Leg Tendon $15.99/0.5lb
Duck Tongue $35/0.5lb.


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Sounds really interesting, did you try anything?

It’s all cut-up parts in the cold case - I miss the hanging ducks. Minimum orders are 0.5 lb each.

There was one item that caught my attention, thinly sliced julienned duck with skin - I can just taste it for a topping on a crisp green salad with Fuyu persimmon slices and toasted almonds. Now that’s a saving on prep.

Some items require call-ahead advance orders.

I asked if they have a special oven to prepare roast duck; no response.

There’s little walk-in traffic on this block of Clement Street - this must be a specific draw for business.

I am hoping that someone will share tips with how-to’s on these items. How would you use 0.5 lb of duck necks?

It’s La Hot Duck and it’s all cold?

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Good find. This appears to be a branch of an LA enterprise:

In turn, the LA store probably represents the US invasion of the Wuhan spicy duck neck craze that exploded in China just after the turn of the century:

The Wuhan duck neck craze itself can be directly traced to a wonderful movie (and subsequent TV series), Life Show about the life of a single woman (played by Tao Hong) who runs the best duck neck stall in the Wuhan Night Market.

Much of the action revolves around her duck neck stall and the movie has a number of mouth-watering scenes. Some day I’m going to put together an Asian food mini-film festival and this movie is on the short list.

Hyperbowler might want to confirm the Wuhan connection for this food so he can add it to the Hubei cateory in his epic regional Chinese restaurant list.

Sounds very intriguing.

But as an aside…where do you divide the Inner and Outer Richmond? I always thought Park Presidio was the boundary.

Actually, the SF Planning Dept. defines 19th Avenue as the dividing line between Inner and Outer Richmond (presumably to line up with the Sunset dividing line). So Cynsa37 was a teeny bit wrong in calling it the Inner Richmond.

It is ‘outer Richmond’ at 20th avenue to me; but the richmond blog titled the post as ‘inner Richmond’ and now I cannot find its reference.

How do I correct the title to this thread?
30 lashes with the rice noodle.

The banner for the LA Hot Duck booth at this Motererey Park new year festival clearly identifies it as “Authentic Wuhan Spicy Duck Neck”, so Hubei food it is. (Yelp photo)

Sooo wish we had something like this in my neck (Hah) of the woods, mid-peninsula…

No worries…in fact I almost didn’t say anything, because I didn’t want to come off as criticizing you. But it does appear there are more ideas of where to slice it than I was aware of.

19th is an odd place to slice it. Makes perfect sense for the Sunset, but I have a hard time thinking of Gordo’s and Gaspare’s as being in different neighborhoods. :wink:

My sweetheart suggested 25th, which would be roughly halfway between Arguello and Great Highway. I could see the line being around 28th or 29th, because there’s a gap between commercial strips there. But Park Presidio is such a major barrier that I’ll always think of that as the dividing line (and accordingly, I describe my location as the Inner Outer Richmond).

The intuitive boundary is obviously Park Presidio.

But various bureaucracies may define it differently for various purposes. For example the zip code boundary between 94118 and 94121 is mostly at 17th Avenue. The San Francisco Planning Department, as has been pointed out, has its boundary at 19th Avenue.

Some people also divided the Richmond into nr, central, Some people also divide the Richmond into Inner, Central, and Outer, with Central Richmond being between PP and either 25th Ave or 33rd Ave.

Yes, especially since19th avenue in the Sunset when you take it through GG Park becomes the Park Presidio on the Richmond Side. 19th avenues on both sides of the park do not align or connect…I can only say when I was a longtime resident of the Richmond District, I always considered Park Presidio to be the dividing line…I have little to no respect for the SF Planning dept. anyway so…!

Is everything cooked or do they sell raw meat also?

According to a Chowhound poster, another spicy duck neck takeaway joint has opened, this one in the Sunset. It’s Bei Fang Taste at 2218 Irving St. The menu leads off with Spicy Duck Neck (at $9.99/lb, a buck a pound cheaper than La Hot Duck) and other duck parts and is generally similar to the Richmond establishment’s offerings, with the addition of a section of the menu offering frozen dumplings of various kinds in bulk. It’s not known if they’re house-made or from the Dumpling King wholesaler.

It’s called Bei Fang Style (not Bei Fang Taste) and it opened well before LA Hot Duck.

Talk to me please about a duck neck for ten bucks a pound???

Sorry, the CH poster posted as if it were a new establishment, and like the CH poster I tend to read wèidao as “taste” or “flavor” because it specifically relates to food.