La Hacienda, Yonkers

Has anyone been here yet? They are located on Central Avenue in Yonkers, next to Outback. I called about their goat and was told they would cut it to order to my liking. It will be available prepared eventually. Their FB site is pretty comprehensive, looks really good. They were written up in the Yonkers Voice, also on FB.
below is a link to their website.


We hadn’t heard of La Hacienda before your post, so we decided to take out a few items over the past two days.

Thus far, we have tried the huaraches with chicken; a three-taco combination with al pastor, short ribs, and carne asada; a breakfast burrito with chorizo; and a quesabirria with short ribs. Everything was very good and carefully constructed. The consomme with the birria was beautifully seasoned and slightly unctuous. The short rib filling was sublime, though a teensy bit salty.

The salsa meant for my husband’s al pastor taco was confiscated by me for my huaraches, which were rich, savory, and fully loaded but were even better with some spicy heat.

The burrito was very satisfying, though the advertised vegetables didn’t make it into the mix. I was advised that all of the tacos were excellent. We would order everything again.

The staff was very accommodating, allowing my husband to sample all of the prepared meats to help him decide what he wanted in his tacos. They have a breakfast menu and a deli sandwich menu that looks interesting. They have fresh produce and other items available to buy. We didn’t notice any raw meat for sale, but maybe that is done on request.

All in all, we enjoyed everything and are glad to have tried them out. Thanks for the heads up!


My son and I got some tacos from here shortly after they opened. We were a bit underwhelmed, but perhaps it was too close to their opening. I’d certainly be willing to try it again.

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I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience. We’ve had some mixed experiences since my post.

The birria in any format and the huraches are consistently good. The pernil was mostly fat and extremely bland, as were the rice and (black) beans. The breakfast burrito was made to order and was pretty good. We had a deli sandwich whose ingredients were clearly listed on the menu but was missing a crucial one (it was unavailable and we weren’t notified) as well as having random ones added. Honestly, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most lately is their mosaic Jello.