La Grana Fish -- 50th Avenue, Oakland - Fish and shrimp tacos!

We stopped by La Grana Fish last weekend, having heard nothing about it. We were driving to the garden supply store near the Oakland Swap Meet, and saw this stand alongside several other pupusa and taco places on 50th Avenue, just south of San Leandro St. Looked on Yelp and saw a few reviews, so we decided to try it.

They just opened about 2 months ago, and the food was GOOD. Tried both fish tacos and shrimp tacos, which were served with cabbage and a mild chipotle-aioli, basically Baja-style. The seafood was battered and fried. I liked the shrimp slightly more but fish was very good too.


Also ordered a fish ceviche tostada, and this was really good. The ceviche contained both celery and tomato, so it was a different flavor than I’m used to, but I really liked it. Total bill for 3 tacos and 1 ceviche tostada was $18. I bought an agua fresca from a neighboring stand, but they did serve horchata and jamaica from La Grana.

Only open on Saturdays and Sundays. I’d never really been to this stretch of 50th Avenue before, and some of the pupusa stands there look awesome as well.


Thanks for the report. Looks delicious. How’s parking around there during the swap meet? They have tables and chairs around the stand? (I see that they gave you plates)

Parking was easy on the street right next to the stands. And yes, they had a shade structure with a few tables and chairs.