La Fontana - Nyack, NY

I probably should have asked this before I committed to a dinner here, but it’s a halfway point for us and friends in Fair Lawn. Anyone know anything about this Italian in Nyack?

I have never been there myself … A local in Nyack did recommend it to me though a while back … said it
was her favorite restaurant in Nyack . Sorry, I know that kind of means nothing but I decided to
pass it along anyway because the conversation took place in a restaurant we both liked.

Thanks. Yes, if you agree on the restaurant you’re at, hopefully she’s right about this one!

Went last night and it was not bad at all - in fact it was good red sauce Italian. The place is pretty, but a few too many screaming children. We had a very good waiter. When we sat they brought bruchetta which was very good. We shared calimari then 3 of us had the veal valdostana. I have not seen that on a menu in a long time and went for it. It was very good, although I wish it had been made with the tradtional fontina and not the mozz they did use. The other in our party had the branzino, which he liked. So, it was a good night. Saw old friends and had a decent meal. Would I go out of my way to go to La Fontana - nope. But it was a good place to avoid going to Fair Lawn from Goldens Bridge- no offense Jersey peeps!

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