La Cippolina Freehold

To kick off the latest Jersey Shore Restaurant Week, I thought I would give La Cippolina another chance. I ate there once, years ago, and was less than impressed. They are fairly expensive, and at that price point there are lots of better options so I never went back, until yesterday.

The space is very nice (although I was joking with the only other group there at 5 pm that we are at their tables with the best ‘ocean’ view for Jersey Shore Restaurant Week. )

The bread came quickly, and was obviously not made in house, but the selection of three dips included roasted garlic cloves, so kudos for that. Also there was a ramekin of garbanzo beans that I had two bites of:

There was a decent list of items to choose from on the three course RW dinner for about $32. I decided on the mozz plate that ended up being the best dish I ordered. The mozz tasted fresh and there were some veggies on the plate to balance out the salty cheese:

For my main I ordered the “Berkshire Pork Chop” that was not as successful. Parts of the chop were decidedly undercooked, not that I am one of those prissy people who think all pork has to be fully cooked, but there were parts that were full out red rare inside. I ended up eating around those parts and finished about half of it. It did look pretty on the plate.

Dessert was a trio of tastes on one plate. The only decent one was the flourless chocolate cake, but even that wasn’t tasty enough to make me take more than a few bites. I think one of other two was supposed to be cheesecake, but it was hard to say from the one bite I ate.

All in all, my meal wasn’t even worth the price of RW dinner, and certainly would have been a terrible disappointment at full price.


Wow. And the place looked mostly empty, so there’s no excuse for that.

Thanks for the restaurant week report, I hope we see more.


Also what is it with the faux Roman columns in the Italian restaurants ?

Can anybody explain that to me?

Is it just a Jersey thing or is this seen elsewhere?

For me, it is usually not a good sign.

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My latest restaurant review. Excellent food nearly ruined by awful music!


I opened the menu to see the following inscription on the bottom of one of the pages: “We ask that you refrain from cell phone use unless you are instagramming or facebooking our delicious cuisine.” As an avid food blogger (I despise the term “foodie” as you know), this was license to go crazy with pictures on this night. Not just my food or appetizers, but everyone’s at the table. Usually, I try to avoid that as not to inconvenience everyone. But my mom, Justin, and good friends Roy and Joanne were egging me on to capture it all. Such a revelation on a menu shows that a restaurant like La Cipollina is one with the times.

People are on their phones way too much, so much so that often times it impedes on the quality of a dining experience whether with our with friends, family, or as a couple. They acknowledge this societal flaw yet recognize the social media food scene. Major props to them. This Freehold dining establishment which has been here forever manages to blend the old with the new. This is classic, almost old-fashioned Italian fine dining. But it is not stuffy or stuck in time. La Cipollina has their own hashtags for goodness sake: one for the restaurant, and one for their head chef Matt Higgins.

Our group was sat by a kind hostess who could have been your Italian grandmother. She then introduced the maitre d’ who came over to open our bottles of wine and pour the first round of glasses (this place is a BYOB). He then introduced us to the head waiter who recited, in detail, the specials of the night, and also introduced his back waiter. All were friendly and attentive, without being overbearing. Our group needed time to talk and hang out. Without even having to mention this, we were left alone to chat as we pleased. The wait staff never bothered or rushed us in any way. We ended up being at this table for a solid three hours. Our reservation was for 6 p.m. and we were the only people in the place. As the night progressed, the dining room swelled to about five or six tables.

About 45 minutes in, music started to play. There was a live musician whose name I won’t mention. Though it was literally just our table, he played as if seated in front of a busy crowd. He cranked out one rock song after another, and quite annoyingly so. Actually, it was a kind of grotesque so-bad-its-good entertainment, hearing him belch out “Sweet Caroline” to an empty dining room and no patron drunk enough to shout “Oh! Oh! Oh!” at that opportune moment two or three times in the song. It became a game between myself, Justin, and Joanne, to humorously (and quietly) sing along and roll our eyes in between courses.

Once this guy passionately intoned Jon Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive”, it became too much. I silently wished I had enough alcohol in me to get up, walk over to him, and sing along into his mic. We could have had a duet. He even had a multicolored light which blinked randomly during each song. Such music was not befitting a fine restaurant like La Cipollina. Not that any music was needed, but the Andrea Bocelli softly playing on the speakers when we arrived did more for ambiance than this one-man spectacle ever could. The only positive I have is that he was not too loud. He too was with the times. The maitre d’ came over with a card saying we could text song requests to a certain phone number and he would play them. The card advertised him knowing a library of 1,400 songs from the 1950’s until today. Justin sent three as a test and he didn’t play any of them. We’re probably better for it. My only guess is that he is either related to the owner or was the owner himself. How else could such obnoxiousness be tolerated? And if I may say, his gym shorts and t-shirt attire somewhat clashed with the tuxedos worn by the rest of the staff.


I hate to start a review off with that and not food, but such an entity dominated this dining experience. But we were not there for music. It was made tolerable in spurts by a glorious basket of bread and accouterments which included a bowl of chick pea and sun-dried tomato salad, and a small tray of roasted garlic cloves, olive oil, and pesto sauce. Our buddy’s renditions of a string of Beatles hits was forgotten when the fried calamari hit the table. One order was shared by Roy and my mom, another by Justin and I. This was a large portion of crisply flash-fried calamari. It may be the best I have ever had. It was served over a zesty marinara sauce and included chopped cherry peppers that added additional spice. Despite the sauce, the calamari never softened. The both of us scarfed it down and I kept reaching for more bread to drag through that sauce. Joanne, meanwhile, had an excellent looking appetizer that consisted of prosciutto, melon, and fresh mozzarella.


After the appetizer plates were cleared, more bread arrived. We had a few minutes to relax, talk, and enjoy our wine. And catch more tunes. Just as I was ready to stand up and yell “Freebird!”, the entrees came. Roy had the rack of lamb special, Joanne the Veal Scallopini, my mom went with the seafood fra diavolo, Justin the French Chicken Breast, and I with the Berkshire Pork Chop. I can honestly say that I have never ordered a pork chop in a restaurant before. But I did not feel like steak or chicken and this dish’s preparation which included cherry peppers (again), onions, shiitake mushrooms, Gaeta olives, and plum tomatoes with a side of whipped potatoes was calling my name. It ended up being massive, probably near a pound in weight.

Berkshire Pork Chop

Rack of Lamb (top) and Veal Scallopini

Seafood Fra Diavolo

French Chicken

It was sliced in three and served with the bone that had additional meat on it. The outer layer was well-seasoned and crispy. The inside was tender and juicy. While the middle was slightly pink (not really visible in the picture due to the light), I remember reading somewhere that you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than contracting trichinosis from under-cooked pork. The bottom of the dish which contained all of these vegetables and was spicy because of the peppers really put this over the top. I enjoyed it so much that if I ever went back, I would probably order the same thing. Hats off to Chef Matt Higgins. There was not a single complaint from anyone at the table. There wasn’t much talking at this point, which is a sign everyone is enjoying their meals.

I enjoyed the environment that La Cipollina had to offer. It was dimly lit, the walls exposed brick, and we were allowed to relax without ever feeling rushed. Prices are on the high side, but the quality was there. Being a BYOB certainly helps. If I was rating this place on food and service alone, it would be hard to not give it a 4.5 star rating. However, reviews must be all-encompassing, and the music was really enough to knock it down slightly. So, overall, I am giving this restaurant a 4 out of 5 stars. I would definitely come back for a special occasion and recommend it (especially the pork chop) to others.

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Nice review. Everything you ordered looks delicious. Easy enough to call ahead to ask if live entertainment is scheduled that night. I agree atmosphere can make or break an evening. Sounded out of place. I will check out their menu in more detail.

Did your party make a reservation? Finding a place that caters to a large group without advanced notice is challenging let alone for three enjoyable hrs.


Nice review Greg. I haven’t been to this place in ages, but everytime I’ve been I enjoyed the ribeye. Did you see that on the menu?

And on the topic of pork chops, I was going to start a pork chop thread. I rarely get that too, but maybe this place can shed some light on good chops locally.


Yes, we did have a reservation. When we arrived, the place was empty. Kind of surprising for a Friday night to only have 5 or 6 tables during our visit there.

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I did not see a ribeye on the menu, but they did have a $45 filet mignon.

Totally satisfied with the pork chop. They had two kinds, the one I had and another done with a mirapoix.

I truly hope that is a joke.

Sure. It looks like they cooked yours better than mine - see above.

Sounds like you went to a different restaurant than I did. Well, I’m glad you had a good meal.

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I wish it was. I didn’t say “sleazy” in my review to avoid problems.


So I see it’s been awhile since there’s been any talk of this place
Because I haven’t been here in close to 20 years and GF wants to go Friday anyone been here recently any food or beverage updates?

I’m probably 25 years removed … no help from me.

So after a 20 year hiatus I returned to La Cippolina .
It was truly a great night out.
In my previous NYC life I was surrounded by a very colorful and mysterious group of business men & frequently dined in some not so public dining establishments & had some amazing food.
I miss Sinatra & Vic Damone soundtracks with my meal
I miss dark suited waitstaff & white jacketed food runners.
It’s been right hear all the time.
Yes it’s atmosphere is as far from the overly bright or dark noisy places that are so prevalent today I loved it.
We opted for the restaurant week menu: The Lobster Bisque was the best I ever had, she had the stuffed mushrooms which were great.
For an entree I had the tile fish in a broth with risotto & spinach the dish was excellent.
She had short ribs & enjoyed the meal.
Desert for me was a plate of 3 small slices of Puglia cheesecake, a lemon pound cake & a flourless chocolate cake
She had just a normal size slice of the cheese cake.
A double espresso for me & a Latte for her.
We did bring a bottle of something red and it was just a really nice night out.
The service was perfect & professional, very young staff but seemed trained well.
They did offer a wine list not sure exactly what was on it but when they saw we had our own they had no issues with that & no fee for corkage as most places do.
For some reason I always thought this place was expensive, I did look at the regular menu & the prices were reasonable by today’s standard.
I did wear a sport coat and I was just a bit overdressed but I feel strongly about dress code & feel if the waitstaff is dressed I should be too.
Most people were dressed appropriately and It felt good to get dressed up to eat out.
I am definitely going back it’s been a long time since I felt good about eating dinner out.
Almost forgot the bread basket was an assortment of crunchy breads accompanied by a trio of spreads that included a pesto, roasted garlic & something green I didn’t recognize but was good & a bottle of olive oil.