La Cippolina Freehold

(David) #1

To kick off the latest Jersey Shore Restaurant Week, I thought I would give La Cippolina another chance. I ate there once, years ago, and was less than impressed. They are fairly expensive, and at that price point there are lots of better options so I never went back, until yesterday.

The space is very nice (although I was joking with the only other group there at 5 pm that we are at their tables with the best ‘ocean’ view for Jersey Shore Restaurant Week. )

The bread came quickly, and was obviously not made in house, but the selection of three dips included roasted garlic cloves, so kudos for that. Also there was a ramekin of garbanzo beans that I had two bites of:

There was a decent list of items to choose from on the three course RW dinner for about $32. I decided on the mozz plate that ended up being the best dish I ordered. The mozz tasted fresh and there were some veggies on the plate to balance out the salty cheese:

For my main I ordered the “Berkshire Pork Chop” that was not as successful. Parts of the chop were decidedly undercooked, not that I am one of those prissy people who think all pork has to be fully cooked, but there were parts that were full out red rare inside. I ended up eating around those parts and finished about half of it. It did look pretty on the plate.

Dessert was a trio of tastes on one plate. The only decent one was the flourless chocolate cake, but even that wasn’t tasty enough to make me take more than a few bites. I think one of other two was supposed to be cheesecake, but it was hard to say from the one bite I ate.

All in all, my meal wasn’t even worth the price of RW dinner, and certainly would have been a terrible disappointment at full price.

(Eat Me !) #2

Wow. And the place looked mostly empty, so there’s no excuse for that.

Thanks for the restaurant week report, I hope we see more.

(Eat Me !) #3


Also what is it with the faux Roman columns in the Italian restaurants ?

Can anybody explain that to me?

Is it just a Jersey thing or is this seen elsewhere?

For me, it is usually not a good sign.