(LA) Chanukah dinner

Hi hounds, I’ll be in LA for a week (staying in Valencia) and it’s also Chanukah week. I’d love to have at least one dinner with the traditional fixins–brisket and latkes–either in the Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valleys. I know the choices are few and far between in SC but there must be a few options in SFV. I’ve been to Brent’s a few times but haven’t had anything beyond their pastrami sandwich, and haven’t been to Art’s in a few years (ditto). Can anyone suggest any other options and/or the best place to go?

Many thanks!

Unless you want to drive farther South you’ve probably named the best options.

Thanks for the feedback. On the off chance we go over the hill, are there any other places you’d recommend? It would almost definitely be on Saturday, not during the week.

Thanks again!