La Bocca, White Plains fundraiser for Italian Earthquake Victims...

Chef Tony Spiritoso of La Bocca Ristorante in White Plains will hold a special fundraiser for Italian Earthquake Victims in the regions of Lazio, Umbria and Marche. It will take place all day Tuesday, September 20th. A 4-course dinner with wines from Umbria and Marche will be served. Suggested donation is: $100 per person (all inclusive). The house will donate 50% directly to the victims. Reservations are suggested.

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That is wonderful. Please note that associations, groups of friends, church groups can do the same. (note that synagogues and mosques would probably want to delete the cured pork, but there are similar Central Italian recipes with no pork, and no meat, for vegetarians). This and related recipes take care, but aren’t technically difficult, and in much of the northern hemisphere, we are in the midst of the end-of-summer harvest season.

A group of friends here organized a small fundraiser after hurricane Ivan (if I recall) hit the tiny island nation of Grenada (It is smaller than the island of Montréal where I live). The Grenadine people we know made curry goat and we made side dishes, and played music from there and other Caribbean islands.

A twinned town in Mali sent a contribution to people in a community on Montréal’s south shore; oh, it was perhaps a few hundred Canadian dollars, but it was a HUGE effort from rural community in a poor Sahelian African nation, and was extremely important both for the givers and the receivers (who had funded projects like a school and health clinic in the Malian town before).

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