La Baraka, Little Neck

I am always in search of old fashioned French restaurants, you know, half roasted duck ON THE BONE. Not confit leg and duck breast. La Baraka did not disappoint. We went with friends and drove down from Westchester.

The place is nothing fancy. Run by a husband and wife - the wife is FOH and greeter and the husband is the chef. The wait staff is mostly Korean- funny for a French place. The fare is French but with Moroccan influences, so there is couscous on the menu.

There were four of us. We were first served a basket of warm bread, rolls and mini-baguette with a sweet cream butter that was delicious. A small salad came with every meal and it was simple and delicious. I did not opt for an appetizer - I had duck coming and wanted to save room, but my companions had the escargot, which they liked but it was in oil rather than butter, and one had the country pate which was lighter than most but flavorful. For entrees DH had veal with mushrooms in a cream sauce.The veal was tender and flavorful. Two of us had the half roasted duck. You could get peach, raspberry or orange sauce and we went with orange. The duck was wonderful - falling off the bone tender with a crispy skin and a perfect orange sauce - not too sweet, a bit tart. I was in heaven. Two of us had that and our other companion had osso bucco, which was a special that night. I was so busy eating my duck, I only know he liked it. For dessert, what else, chocolate mousse!

This place is so welcoming - the owners make you feel like old friend. The place was packed too. I wish it were closer!

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