La Argentina Gelato (Houston)

I drive up and down Wilcrest from Westheimer to Memorial frequently, but I haven’t since the storm. In fact, it just opened a couple of days ago. I traveled that way today and saw this place for the first time! Maybe it was blocked by a downed tree or something?

What do you know about La Argentina, which also has a Katy location?

BTW, the destruction is as bad as you would expect. :persevere:

La Argentina

I don’t know nuttin about La Argentina but there is at least one other gelato company locally started by Argentine expats - Trentino. I saw it first at Asturias, an Argentine pastry/coffee/gelato shop on Dairy Ashford. And I’ve bought it at Belden’s, but don’t remember it much.

I know there’s a lot of Italian influence in several South American cuisines.

Sorry, I know that doesn’t help much!

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