‘ KYUSHU Yakitori Izakaya, 7181 Yonge Street,Thornhill ‘ - Tagging along with the kids to try out this new found neighborhood gem!

This is going to be one short and sweet review!..because my first impression of the place was nothing short of pure amazement and enjoyment!

Rarely have I encountered a newly opened place in the GTA that offers such an impressive first appeal. All I have to say afterwards is “ I will DEFINITELY return “! The combination of perfectly executed and astonishingly tasty food, incredibly attentive and friendly service, funky and modern decor, all combined to make this place an almost guaranteed success formula……even the washrooms with its wall-to-ceiling Pokemon, Hello Kittie and Sailor-moon wallpaper are out-of-this-world COOL!!

Foodwise, everything we ordered was super delicious and near flawless. Standouts included the delicious and fresh tasting Daikon/anchovies salad, all the yakitori skewers, especially the beef with a super concentrated and tasty teriyaki glaze and the Abalone coated butter soya sauce……so $^&%@ing good! The pig’s feet were different and surprisingly delicious! Majority of the dressed and marinated items like the Quail eggs, the Wasabi Ika and the Kimchee Whelks were all mouth watering good. Only mild let down was the slightly dense and bland skewered tofu.

Clear verdict - Highly recommended and a must try!


Nice. Do you know if they use binchotan? I couldn’t find that info on the website.

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Sorry, no idea.
The 1* Frilu further up the road use them though!

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That menu looks legit! Durham has one Izakaya and it’s clear by THEIR menu, they don’t know what the words means. Tell me Charles, do they have sake? The mocktail list looks decently thought out, but this girl gotta have her sake.

Sorry, I did not pay any attention to the beverage pages. Maybe you can go on their website and check?

Nothing listed on the website or I wouldnt have asked.

Based on this instagram posting, looks like due to huge volume involved, they have adopted the more current ‘environmentally friendly approach’ by using direct heat electric grill instead of traditional charcoal ones?https://www.instagram.com/reel/C04xL-ayfRe/

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I (sorta) answered my own question courtesy of this.