Kung Fu XLB [Flushing, Queens]

We heard about Kung Fu XLB from Mikey Chen. It makes all those hours wasted watching YouTube videos worthwhile!

This was our second meal at KFXLB this trip and 3rd overall. It is truly stellar and for more than just XLB. Although describing Kung Fu’s XLB to Kung Fu Virgins is like describing sex to someone who has never had any. You just have to, ahem, taste it for yourself.

Today’s lunch started with cukes in passionfruit sauce which came on a bed of ice jelly. The rich, thick passionfruit sauce went great with pretty plain cukes and the jelly. The server told us the jelly is just gelatin and water but I wonder if it is not agar agar or some alternate gelling agent. I will research it as we had a Sichuan iced jelly at the Queens Night Market last Saturday. I want to make these at home.

The beverages are stunning here too. I got turned into sour plum juice at Joe’s rice noodle, but that was from a bottle. This was a home blend with a smoky tea steeped in the blend. Kay had lemon tea.

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Next was crispy pork rib which was deftly fried. And the ribs were chewy without being tough. Just a fabulous bite.

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These were our second basket of XLB, these stuffed with meat and loofa. They were less rich than our first order of pork XLB. The only flaw, and it was a user issue, is that I would do the traditional after the loofa to go from light to rich.

The meal was $56 including tax. Service was very friendly. Food outrageously good.

:smiley: You posted too fast. Some of your photos have not been uploaded yet. You definitely should at least upload the XLB.

I want to see the ribs and xlb!

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Actually, it happened to me several times when I was in a hurry to upload the message (forget to make sure the photos have not been uploaded).

I just tested it on my phone and the Reply button doesn’t return to normal color till the pic is done uploading.

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Interesting - I could actually see both pics for a moment. Then the second one disappeared.

I know. Because I actually waited too long the first time, so I repost again and intentionally upload the post faster than the photo.

Here are the pics

Cukes and drinks


Loofa XLB

XLB from our first visit. It would not allow me to upload today’s as I tool a video to show the steam


Actually when I posted, all the pics took. I checked them out myself.

Then I went back in to fix the egregious ty0os and got message after message to reload the page. So I clicked out of edit. I did not check to see the pics and I think that might have been when it happened.

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Maybe the photos do not do justice, but … everything look good except the XLB. The dough looks very thick. Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those people who believe the thinner the wrapping/skin, the better. I do not. However, these look quite thick.

Looks are deceiving. The folds are deep which my photos do not show well. The deep pleats make grabbing them easier.

These are the thinnest XLB I have ever had and that is consistent over 3 visits with 6 baskets. And even thin and moist, they do not tear unless you actually poke them with your chopstick or drop them on the table from mouth height. That last fact is highly theoretical with no empirical evidence to back it up.

At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.


the biggest issue with kung fu xlb is getting there via public transportation. otoh, it’s an easy target when driving back from long island beaches.

anyhow happy to hear they survived the pandemic, i’d heard rumblings they’d closed.


That’s why we stay in Flushing when we visit. It is literally on the closest block with restaurants to our AirBnB.