We just moved to Florida from NY and we still don’t have furniture - or anything really. My friend loaned us her Kuerig so we could at least have coffee, and to my surprise, the coffee was good. The one from Costco. So, we bought a Kuerig and I’m happy to go from grinding and measuring to putting a cup under a machine for a bit. My question is, does it take a bit for a Kuerig to “season”? Are there any really good Kcups out there? I tried a Peets this morning and hated it. I did buy some refillable k cups and plan to grind my good Colobian and pod it and see what happens.


I’m not a fan of K cups. Its all about convenience and not necessarily quality. I then bought a delonghi nespresso machine. Great coffee but after a while, the cost of the pods and waste became a concern. So I bought this -

Pour the beans in, select the grind you want, pick a strength and push a button. Absolutely wonderful machine. All the convenience you could want with a much better quality coffee. The upfront expense is obviously higher but if there are two of you having a couple of cups every day, the price difference disappears when you buys beans in bulk versus pods.


I tasted a hundred horrid K-Cup varieties before finding the one that I liked. I use Seattle’s Best Post Alley Blend exclusively and I’ve yet to find another coffee drinker who doesn’t like it. Seattle’s Best makes 3 different blends, but Post Alley is the only one you want. Peculiar dimensional diagram from Amazon attached for visual reference.


I’ve not noticed any seasoning with the Keurig I’ve owned. I’m fond of Dunn’s Brothers light but I’m not too particular.

I’m enjoying the Kuereg after years of grinding and measuring, but today I decided to bring my Cafe Cultivo and use my newly purchased refillable k cup. It came out great. Trouble is, now I have to wash the darn thing!

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My Keurig sits in a cupboard gathering dust and awaiting the day I relegate it to charity.

I dont like Keurig coffee, full stop. I find it either insipid or bitter no matter what cups I use.


Just be glad you don’t need to drink only decaf. At most stores the K-cup section has maybe 2 decaf choices to 50 or so regular. Costco has zero. Yesterday my only choice was one -Peet’s, at almost twice the price I usually pay. :woozy_face:

As to taste, is there something about the process that would make for bad coffee or just lack of something good in that format?

Yes, I felt the same. But especially today with my own ground coffee, it was perfect.

I hear you about the decaf K cup offerings, but fortunately more and more specialty coffee roasters are offering very good decafs (like this one from Onyx Coffee). You could use a Keurig adapter cup and fill it with your own ground beans.

With a refillable cup and my own grounds I could get it to potable.

I still have a 10 cup electric drip maker that is my daily go-to. But I also have a nespresso, a moka pot, a French press, a Melitta pourover, a cold brewer, and a Turkish pot (because wheeeee!).

And I’ll take any of them before I’ll excavate the Keurig


We were recently in an Airbnb with a Senseo machine that used (what looked like) compostable coffee pods, so we thought, what the hell? Let’s try it (we normally drink PG Tips or for coffee, French press or Chemex). I can say without hesitation that it was the worst coffee we’ve ever had (and we’ve traveled all over, drinking instant coffee when desperate).

I know it’s not Keurig, but WHY??!!

And to continue unrelated to Keurig, have you tried Yorkshire Red or Gold?

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No. Are they worth a taste?

If you like strong black tea

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I find Yorkshire Gold to be a little better than PG Tips or Typhoo–not quite as harsh. And if you can find Five Roses, that’s a decent South African brand in the same vein.

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Try a pour over, Melita for a single cup or a chemex for a few cups at at time. Both are easily found at Whole Foods or Amazon.
Grind your coffee and figure out the amount that works for you…throw the filter of grounds away, into your compost pot or garden.
Better coffee and better for the environment.
Just be sure you let the boiling water settle a bit before the first pour.
Not sure that Kuerigs season but based on what the insides look like at work I think they should be cleaned fairly often?
Did you find your butter?


try San Francisco Bay coffee ,they have decaf and their pods are totally compostable !! check it out .

The kcup called Donut Shop is the only one I’ve tried and it’s decent. Some of the newer Kuerig models do a very good job of keeping the coffee hot-my biggest complaint.

Ours is new and my coffee is always perfectly hot. What brand makes donut shop? Good to see you, Tooster!


Nice to see you too.

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