[Kuching, Malaysia] Satay pork at Lau Ya Keng Food Court

After Penang, our next stop was Kuching, Borneo.

We wandered around our hotel, we were just next to the China town and we tumbled in Lau Ya Keng Food Court in for a quick lunch. Don’t know if because of consecutive days of eating spicy food, I had swollen lips and mouth. (sausage lips like in the Japanese manga), unfortunately, I had to stop consuming spicy food.

Husband ordered some lovely charcoal grilled Satay pork, I tried a small piece, it was good.

We both had a bowl of fish ball tofu rice noodle soup

Lau Ya Keng Food Court
Carpenter Street


Ah, very cool - Lau Ya Keng foodcourt (19 Carpenter Street) is quite popular among Kuching residents. You were actually very near two of Kuching’s most famous dining icons!

  1. Nyan Shin Cafeteria on 24 Carpenter Street serves Hakka-style “kolok mee” - egg noodles dressed in pork lard, fish sauce and pickled red chilis. The stall is around 81 years old (or more) this year - run by the 4th-generation of the family which started it. The noodles is called “Lao Shu Fen” in Mandarin, but in Kuching, where the majority of the Chinese populace are Hakka, they used the Hakka term “Lao Shu Si Ban” to refer to the noodles.

  2. One of the most famous purveyors of the Sarawak Laksa - the legendary Laksa Panggung - is on 21 Carpenter Street. Peppery, and predominantly spiced with coriander, Laksa Panggung’s Sarawak laksa has been a local favourite since the 1950s.

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Too late for me, but @paprikaboy is right there in Kuching! Lucky guy!

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Thanks @naf & @klyeoh. Unfortunately too late for me. I’ve now moved onto Kota Kinabalu. Will keep it in mind for next time.

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Thanks, naf and klyeoh!
I’ll be in Kuching next month for the first time in almost 15 years. I doubt any of my notes from previous trips will be as helpful as this.

You are welcome. I hope that was of some help. Maybe @paprikaboy can help too, he has stayed a few days in Kuching.

A local recommended us the restaurant Bla Bla Bla. We didn’t have time to try it.

At the airport, we got hold of a leaflet that shows some local highlight dishes. We didn’t follow the recommended places, but it was interesting to know the local dishes.

Part of the leaflet you can find it here:


@naf I certainly can help @ElJefe out. I have now put up 4 posts on my time in Kuching. I also joined a FB groups Kuching Food Critics, a useful cross reference.The Teaspoon app which is specific to Kuching was also helpful for addresses and times. A few good articles as well.

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We ate satay from this stall a few years ago and enjoyed it, good to see it’s still going strong.

I remember there was a guy on the other side of the road near the temple selling good goreng pisang for afters. Just checked and looks like he’s there on street view so must be his permanent location.

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Hi @ElJefe, I just came across this article on Kuching when doing research for my upcoming trip. https://dwayneeatshiswaythroughasia.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/kuching/