[Kuching, Malaysia] Our favourite Kolo Mee at Hui Sing Hawker Centre

For our second night in Kuching, some locals recommended us Hui Sing Hawker Centre, a place very popular among the locals.

Kolo Mee - Cha siu, minced pork and fish cake with noodle from stall 19. It was the biggest revelation that night, the cha siu has a slightly smoked charcoal taste, very delicious. The owner explained that it was his mother cooking the cha siu in at home. We liked it so much and asked just to buy the meat, he refused to sell us, as there were few left and he wanted to sell with noodles.

It was our favourite dish in our short stay in Kuching. The price of the dish is only 3.5 RM.

Stall 19 in the hawker centre.

Bean sprouts, clams and egg men in sweet sauce - pretty good

From stall no. 15

Fried mee with tomato sauce - also very good

From stall 4

We got ourselves some vegetables (and meat) from stall no.11 My Home Fast Food.

We really like the place and the food were very good. If you have another day, we would probably come again.

Hui Sing Hawker Center
Stampin Road,
Kuching 93350,