[Kuching, Malaysia] Dinner at Topspot Seafood Centre

Kuching literally means City of Cats, you see big statues of Cats. But strangely, we saw less cats on the streets than in Langkawi and Penang.

Topspot Food Court wasn’t far from the famous cat statues which is next to Grand Margherita Hotel. It was a bit complicated to reach to Topspot, we needed to walk through a shopping mall.

We settled with restaurant number 6 - Ling Loang Seafood

Chili razor clams

Cockles cooked with ginger and onion

Belancan Midin - a local fern, I think it is Stenochlaena in English

Garlic Prawns

Fried noodles with egg and fish balls

After the fantastic seafood meal in Hai Boey, Penang, we felt the place was alright. I liked a lot the fern dish. The prawns were overcooked.

Topspot Food Court
off, Jalan Padungan,
93100 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia


Probably going to Top Spot tonight. So this is very timely. Got talking to a local couple who said it was quite expensive. Do you remember a rough price?

Bit of a worry on the prawns being overcooked as we’ve had that a couple of times now in Kuching. This was supposed to be our fairwell me with great prawns. Anyway we’ve been recommended stall 23 or 25. So we’ll see.

We paid 75 RM for 2.

We talked to another local, who was at school as chef, she recommended another stall, I don’t remember which number anymore, but vaguely a single digit. I think everybody has their favorite spots.


We enjoyed top spot on the first evening of our stay in Kuching a few years ago, but it was definitely more on the pricier touristy end of the spectrum.

I remember it being fairly expansive with different stalls cooking the same thing so I guess it lives and dies on the quality and cooking of the fish.

And yeah the midin was great everywhere in Kuching. I’ve always kept an eye out incase it was anywhere on the mainland but I guess that particular fern is limited to Borneo or Sarawak.

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