[Kuala Lumpur] - Trip Report Part 2 April 2018

So, from Tokyo, I flew to Kuala Lumpur for a few days to spend time with some extended family. I was last there roughly 2 years prior, for a family wedding. This time, I was there for some R&R.

Breakfast - Nasi Lemak at a neighborhood food shop. Went there before going home from the airport! Coconut rice, ikan bilis sambal, omelet, and peanuts. The packets are kept on the tables. You just grab one and eat. I had the roti canai, fried griddle bread served with chicken curry gravy, dal, and a thin sambal.

Lunch was banana leaf at a nearby shop, Assoda Curry House. Excellent food. I love banana leaf food and this was one of the best. I always try to fit in a couple banana leaf meals when I’m there since we don’t get good ones here in SoCal.

Street food dinner (literally on stools on the street side)

Tea/coffee break in Masjid India - vada, appam, bhel puri and filter coffee

Pasar malam (night market) must - my favorite apam balik, or peanut pancake! I have to have this every time I visit.

Late night supper - mee goreng and ais kachang

Chicken Biryani lunch in Brickfields. This was good, but I’ve had better.

Seafood dinner - squid, potato leaves, curry leaves chicken, and jumbo prawns. Also had a nice seafood soup. Had to fit in some good seafood on my visit! First time having potato leaves - they were delicious.

My cousin came back with a few kilos of fruit for me, because he knows we don’t get these! Mangosteen, rambutan, and wild lychee. So good!

Home cooking - pork rendang with salad and coconut rice.

Home cooking - sayur lodeh and fried chicken

Next stop, Singapore!